How to help victims of the Fuego volcano eruption

Volcán de Fuego, less than 20 miles southeast from where we are in Patzún, began erupting around noon on Sunday, and continued with fresh eruptions this afternoon. Pyroclastic flows, which can travel at over 100mph, are burying people and towns. The official death toll so far is 70, but hundreds or thousands of people are still unaccounted for, and thousands have been displaced from their homes. The news here is a constant cycle of horrific death and destruction.

Here in Patzún, we're doing what we can by donating clothing, shoes, and toiletries for rescue workers, survivors, and evacuees. Isabel's host mom, Doña Gloria, and her two daughters helped us find the right stores to buy everything, and helped us carry all our bags to a church that was collecting donations. (A quetzal goes a long way here--we were limited only by what we could carry!)

Emily with an armload of boots.
Akshay and I carry bags to the church
 with Isabel's host family.

You can help too! Please send money to organizations that are working on the ground in Guatemala. 

Isabel and Akshay pose with volunteers collecting donations.